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With Dr. Jay Kantor

HEALING BEYOND BELIEF (HBB) is a revolutionary new healing method for releasing the limiting core beliefs which create disturbances in your life.  Those disturbances can take the form of either emotional distress or physical disease.

Unconscious core beliefs are brought to conscious awareness through the assistance of your Higher Self, the part of you which knows everything about your life, including the root causes and contributing factors creating emotional and physical disturbances.  The causes of a disturbance are revealed from structured questioning of your Higher Self.  Information from your Higher Self is communicated to you and I via muscle testing and your intuitive responses to questioning.

Based on the information revealed through the questioning of the Higher Self, we work together to accurately identify the core belief underlying a specific disturbance.

Knowing your core beliefs and the circumstances
which created them gives you an an opportunity to:

  • Free yourself
  • Take a new perspective on the past
  • Take a new perspective on yourself
  • Let the core belief go
  • Eliminate the disturbance

Healing Beyond Belief helps you to rise above your former self
and way of being created by limiting core beliefs.  


Homeopathic remedies are also administered to clear and balance the energies related to the disturbance.  Both the physical organs and the chakras are cleared using these remedies.  You are then led through a Manifestation process to initiate new, positive patterns of thought and feeling which support the presence of the people, places, and things you desire to bring into your life.

HEALING BEYOND BELIEF is offered in private sessions lasting about three hours.

DR. JAY KANTOR is extensively trained both in Western psychology (Ph.D., Columbia University) and in spiritual and energy healing.  He has studied with many of the best healers in the United States.

Located at 10 Wilsey Square, #280, Ridgewood, NJ
(Around the corner from Whole Foods, across from the train station)

For more information call Jay at (201) 461-7347
or drop him an email at QTIMES@AOL.Com.