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EFT  ( Emotional Freedom Techniques )

Transform The Emotions & Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Success.
Based On Revolutionary Techniques From ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY,
The Latest Advance In Mind-Body Medicine.

Jay Kantor, Ph.D. | Ridgewood, NJ | 201-461-7347


EFT is a revolutionary new approach to helping people overcome personal problems.  The EFT technique of ENERGY TAPPING can be used to directly neutralize negative emotions, which opens the door to breaking up and releasing the chronic reactions which lead to failure instead of success.
    The TAPPING INTO SUCCESS program will enable you to stop experiencing the bad feelings and negative thoughts which now plague you in the problem areas of your life.  It will help you to function effectively in situations which previously diminished your performance, and to succeed in situations you previously avoided!


SUCCESS AT WORK -- Improve Job Performance, Sell More, Communicate & Negotiate Better, Reach Your Potential, Reduce Stress, Get Paid More.

SUCCESS IN RELATIONSHIPS -- Overcome: The Fear of Meeting New People; Lack of Self-Confidence; Blocks To Asking For What You Want And Need;  Disappointments. Recover From Breakups Or Divorce. Meet The People You Really Want To Meet. Make Relationships Work.

SUCCESS TAKING TESTS, Including SAT's -- Reduce Procrastination And Pre-Test Jitters, Improve Study Habits, Raise Test Scores, Improve Recall.

SUCCESS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING, PRESENTATIONS, AND PERFORMANCE -- Get Over Fears And Negative Self-Talk, Develop Confidence, Learn To Communicate Effectively, Learn to Stay Present, Learn To Share Your Energy, Enthusiasm, & Knowledge.

SUCCESS AT SCHOOL -- Improve Study Habits, Get Better Grades, Stop Procrastinating, Overcome Fears, Reduce Self-Judgment, Develop Supportive Relationships, Keep Yourself On Task And On Schedule.

SUCCESS IN SPORTS -- Improve Motivation & Focus, Get Over Slumps And Pre-Game Jitters, Stop Fears And Negative Self-Talk, Raise Scores & Performance, Experience Greater Enjoyment And Relaxation.

SUCCESS IN FINDING A NEW JOB -- Keep Motivation High, Get Resumes Out, Do Well On Interviews, Find The Right Job For You.

SUCCESS IN OVERCOMING ILLNESS AND DISABILITY -- Clear Out Disturbing Emotions, Increase Confidence And Motivation, Raise Self-Esteem, Make Better Decisions, Empower Yourself To Get Well.

SUCCESS IN LOSING WEIGHT AND STOPPING SMOKING -- Clear Out Disturbing Feelings, Reduce Urges, Replace Addictions With Healthy Satisfaction, Establish Healthy Patterns

SUCCESS IN PARENTING -- learn to stay in balance & keep cool. Learn to set effective boundaries. Improve self-expression & intimacy

SUCCESS IN WRITING -- Overcome writers' block. Improve confidence, productivity. 

TAPPING INTO SUCCESS IS PRESENTED BY DR. JAY KANTOR.  Jay holds a Doctorate in Psychology from Columbia University and has also studied energy and spiritual healing with the foremost teachers in the United States.  He has studied Energy Psychology with two innovators in the field, Dr. Gary Craig and Dr. Fred Gallo.  Jay is a member of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology and the publisher of NJHolistic.Com..

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